Nobody Asked

Nobody Asked with Kyler Johnson

Episode Summary

Not sure what to expect from this podcast? Well, this short trailer will help paint a better picture.

Episode Notes

Oh, hello there! My name is Kyler Johnson, your favorite gay journalist from the Midwest. Okay, maybe not, but welcome to my podcast: Nobody Asked.

Every Wednesday join me as I investigate a question that’s on my mind. Like, what happens if we all storm Area 51? Or, what will happen if California breaks off from the United States, or what happens if the world runs out of coffee?

Uhhhh. Maybe I shouldn’t ask what happens if the world runs out of coffee, because this iced coffee addict would have some serious withdrawals.

Anyway, our world is made up of so much more than the usual, and I intend to explore the unknown. Nobody Asked me for all of this, but I’m going to share anyway.

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